The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

This 5-Week Job Changed My Life and Career

October 05, 2021 John Neral Season 1 Episode 60
The Mid-Career GPS Podcast
This 5-Week Job Changed My Life and Career
Show Notes

When County Club Lanes in Baltimore, Maryland, unexpectedly closed last week, I fondly remembered the five weeks I worked there, the people I met, and one of the best managers I have had in my life. 


In this episode, I turn on the mic to share a very personal story about how my passion for working in the bowling industry turned into a 25-year career in education. This is a lesson in being open to all possibilities and grateful for whatever may come next, having wonderful leaders and managers, and building relationships grounded in clear expectations. 


You are exactly where you are supposed to be in your career, and it doesn’t mean this is where you are meant to be for the rest of your career. Appreciate and be grateful for the moment because it will help you create your next advancement opportunity. 



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