The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Taking a Break from Your Job Search

July 27, 2021 John Neral Season 1 Episode 45
The Mid-Career GPS Podcast
Taking a Break from Your Job Search
Show Notes

Are you tired? Are you frustrated and exhausted from all of the job applications, searching, networking, and connecting you are doing to find a new job? It’s not uncommon that you may feel as if you are burned out from all of these efforts, especially when they haven’t yielded the results you want. 


In this episode, I’m talking to you about the benefits of taking a break from your job search, why you are fearful you will miss out on the “perfect job,” and why it is vital to your health and wellbeing to give yourself a little break now and then from the hustle of finding a new job. Breathe. 


If you are questioning whether or not a break is in your future, take a few minutes and listen to this week’s episode to help you decide not if, but when you are going to take a break so you can recharge your battery and get back to your job search with a renewed energy and passion. 


Key Topics & Time Stamps: 

·      Why would you want to take a break from your job search? (2:17)

·      You decide how long the break is from your job search (5:25)

·      How I incorporate breaks into my workday (6:35)

·      Your thoughts create your feelings around taking a break (8:43)

·      Sharing my job search strategy (9:45)

·      Little to no-cost things you can do to take a break (11:15)

·      What I’m doing for my break this week (12:51)

·      My invitation for you this week (14:10)


List of Resources:

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