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One Tip to Change Your Interview Preparation

July 20, 2021 John Neral Season 1 Episode 43
The Mid-Career GPS Podcast
One Tip to Change Your Interview Preparation
Show Notes

How often do you get nervous preparing for your next interview? Do you find yourself worrying about what to do if you get the job rather than focusing on the interview itself? 


Interviewing is all about taking time to get to know each other. If your mind is racing ahead and worrying about whether or not to ask the hiring manager if you can take your vacation or how often you can work remotely, you are allowing yourself to be a victim to your mind drama. 


In this episode, I’m sharing one game-changing tip to help you shift your mindset and focus for your next interview. This tip will allow you to be more present and build a relationship with the hiring manager from a place of value and service. Plus, I’ll share some helpful coaching strategies to help you quiet your mind, get your thoughts out and process what questions you need to ask at the appropriate time. 


Key Topics & Time Stamps: 

·      Clearing your brain and its negative thoughts about your interview (2:33)

·      What if you have a vacation planned before you get hired? (6:50)

·      Your Interview Mindset (9:16)

·      Your game-changing interview tip (10:57)


List of Resources:

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·      Episode 28 – My Interview Pet Peeves

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