The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Now is NEVER the Right Time to Leave Your Job

June 22, 2021 John Neral Season 1 Episode 37
The Mid-Career GPS Podcast
Now is NEVER the Right Time to Leave Your Job
Show Notes

 Are you considering leaving your job but finding ways to talk yourself out of it? What if now is NEVER the right time to leave your job? You may work with great people but feel undervalued and underutilized. However, you worry about who is going to do the work once you leave. After all, they need you!


In this episode, I’m helping you examine why you want to leave your job and how your mind wants to talk you out of it. Plus, you’ll learn why we need to have exes in our professional careers and explore ways to leave your job professionally and gracefully so you can figure out whatever is next for you and your career. 


Key Topics & Time Stamps: 

·      Thoughts from #NEWRisingStars2021 Virtual Conference (0:45)

·      Reasons to NOT Leave Your Job (2:33)

·      The Summer Job Market (4:41)

·      Leaving Jobs & Mind Drama (6:00)

·      You Have Exes in Your Career for a Reason (7:18)

·      Things to Consider Before Leaving Your Job (8:23)

·      Times When I Left Various Jobs (11:58)

·      Your Intentions for Leaving Your Job (15:20)

·      Leaving Professionally and Gracefully (16:44)

·      You, Will, Make the Best Decision for You and Your Career (18:58)

·      “Whatever Happens, I Know I’m Going to Be Okay.” – Dr. Phil (19:43)


List of Resources:

·      What’s Your Mid-Career Moment?

·      SHOW UP - Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career


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