The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

Being Grateful for Your Career in Good Times & Bad

March 23, 2021 John Neral Season 1 Episode 18
The Mid-Career GPS Podcast
Being Grateful for Your Career in Good Times & Bad
Show Notes

Practicing gratitude for your career goes far beyond being thankful you got paid. Creating a gratitude practice for what you do is one thing, but how grateful are you for the professional you’ve become, and you are today? You can’t overlook this critical concept in creating your career GPS or growth plan. Without gratitude, you can’t explore those events that have unquestionably transformed and shaped your career. 


In this episode, John walks you through his process for practicing gratitude and why he strongly believes you are missing out if you aren’t focusing on how grateful you are for your career. Additionally, John shares the very non-linear career path that got him to where he is today, including being “let go” and how being grateful helped him tell his story more authentically and genuinely whenever he has the chance. 


After listening to this episode, you’ll walk aware with a plan to increase your awareness around your career gratitude even when you are beyond frustrated that you aren’t getting the results you want.  


Key Topics & Time Stamps: 

·      John’s Messy and Non-Linear Career Path (4:40)

·      What Suze Orman Taught Me About Gratitude (15:30)

·      Choosing to Be Bitter or Grateful (19:02)

·      Benefits of Being Grateful (21:28)

·      Increasing Your Gratitude By Saying “Thank You” and Mean It (23:39)


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·      Blog – Say Thank You and Mean It

·      SHOW UP - Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career


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