The Mid-Career GPS Podcast

1. Four Fs to Evaluate Your Career and Lots More

February 01, 2023 John Neral Season 1 Episode 1
The Mid-Career GPS Podcast
🔒 1. Four Fs to Evaluate Your Career and Lots More
Show Notes

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Welcome to the first episode of The Mid-Career GPS Podcast +. In this premium version of the podcast, Executive and Career Transition Coach, John Neral, will guide you through in-depth topics, Q&A, training, and much more to help you build Your Mid-Career GPS to whatever is next for you and your career. 


Today, you’ll learn “Four Fs” to evaluate various aspects of your career, from how well it’s going, attending your next networking event or conference, your boss, your coach, and much more. These Four Fs are foundational coaching tools John uses with his clients. He shares them with you in this premium episode so you can decide whether to apply them in your career to help you determine the best path.


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Key Topics & Time Stamps: 

·      Introducing The Mid-Career GPS Podcast + (0:00)

·      The Four Fs (3:55)

·      Evaluating Your Job Offer (4:37)

·      Evaluating Your Next Event (18:03)

·      Evaluating Your Boss (20:30) 

·      Evaluating Your Coach (33:11) 

·      My Mid-Career GPS (40:00)

·      Wrap Up (43:00) 



List of Resources:

·      Get Your Free Guide - 5 Mistakes Mid-Career Professionals Make (And Need to Stop Doing) 

·      Your Mid-Career GPS – Four Steps to Figuring Out What’s Next by John Neral

·      SHOW UP - Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career by John Neral

·      Episode 117 – Four Things to Consider About Your Job Offer


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